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La Esmeralda Colombian Coffee: Small-batch farm owned by Norbey Quimbayo for almost 30 yrs. 12 hectares with 5 for coffee, grown in fertile volcanic soils & high altitudes in Huila. Taste excellence today!
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Buenavista Edwin

Tasting Notes Strawberry, Raspberry, Pineapple, Lychee

Variety Castillo

Process Natural

Elevation 1,750masl

Region Huila

Edwin Zambrano Is the hardworking owner of Finca Buenavista. A farm located in Huila, Colombia's most famous coffee growing region. His focus on quality has created a demand for his coffee and enabled him to secure funding to build dryers and increase his capacity for processing Natural coffees. 

150 – 70kg bags of natural coffees are produced on his farm each year. Selectively handpicked ripe, red cherries are placed in parabolic dryers, and raked frequently to ensure even drying. It takes approximately 20 to 25 days for the cherries to dry.


Felipe Arcila

Tasting Notes Strawberry, Paw Paw, Champagne

Variety Caturra

Process Washed

Elevation 1700-1900masl

Region Pijao, Quindio

Felipe Arcila was born into a traditional coffee growing family in Pijao, Quindio, and so has been producing coffee since he was very young. This microlot is 100% Caturra. It is harvested following strict ripeness criteria, floated and hand-sorted to remove any defects. Cherries are then exposed to 30 hours of underwater fermentation before being pulped. The parchment is gently washed and then dried in temperature-controlled conditions until ideal moisture content was achieved. This is a coffee that will deliver in your cup.

Tolima Organic AA

Tasting Notes Paw Paw, Cranberry, Maple Syrup 

Variety Caturra, Castillo, Colombia

Process Natural

Elevation 1600-2000masl

Region Tolima

Tolima is one of the 32 departments of Colombia, located in the Andean region. It is a booming department with delightful landscapes. The department of Tolima is famous for its steep mountains, abundant water and deep valleys that create the perfect recipe for agriculture. Between these high mountains, wind blows all year round from the Río Blanco River and through the coffee fields, filling the air with sweet fragrances during the coffee flowering. Producers from Tolima aspire to take every day as an opportunity to improve or grab the bull by the horns. The fertile lands and mild climate, combined with the strong dedication of the people who work this land, produce a stunning cup profile. Despite insecurity challenges due to guerrilla presence in the region for over four decades, these coffee growers have always grown their coffee with pride and care. These growers have made great leaps to consistently produce high-quality coffee meaning fewer defects from origin, specialised tree care, better processing techniques, and investing back into farm infrastructure.

Brew Guide


7 days / 16g dose / 260ml filtered water / 95° / 2 minute 45 second extraction

14 days / 16.5g dose / 260ml filtered water / 93° / 3 minute extraction

21 days / 18g dose / 260ml filtered water / 92° / 2 minute 30 second extraction



Norbey Quimbayo

Tasting Notes Dried Fig, Pear, Orange Zest

Variety Caturra

Process Washed

Elevation 1800-1850masl

Region Acevedo, Huila

This coffee is from a small, single-producer farm near the town of Acevedo in the Huila region of Colombia. The fertile volcanic soils in Huila are undisturbed by the intensive agriculture seen further north. Combined with high altitudes, this has led to excellent conditions for producing high-quality coffees. It's for this reason that Huila is quickly becoming one of the most renowned growing regions in all of South America. Inherited from his father almost 30 years ago, the farm La Esmeralda is now owned and run by Norbey Quimbayo, alongside his wife and two children. La Esmeralda has increased in size over the years and now covers around twelve hectares of land. Of this, around five hectares are used for growing coffee, while the balance is used for growing plantains, mandarins, and limes. Norbey has made efforts to research and educate himself on different strategies to elevate the quality of his coffee, creating higher revenue and a worthwhile income for the family.

Brew Guide


7 days / 21g dose / 50g yield / 32 seconds

14 days / 21.6g dose / 50g yield / 31 seconds


Nohora Sepulveda

Tasting Notes Strawberry, Paw Paw, Champagne

Variety Castillo

Process Anaerobic Natural

Elevation 1700-1900masl

Region La Laguna, Algeciras, Huila

73-year-old Nohora Sepulveda de Zambrano has been around coffee her entire life, and she now runs three farms with her sons Edwin and Rafael Jr, alongside long-term farm manager Alexander. During the harvest, Doña Nohora employs about 25 local labourers to collect cherries on Finca La Floresta, Finca Buenavista and Finca Villa Sofía. Following this Doña Nohora and Alexander carry out the post-harvest processing. They place ripe cherries in bags, sealed to produce an anaerobic environment; creating a unique flavour profile over 170 hours. Following fermentation cherries are placed on raised beds inside a parabolic dryer for 5 days. The Sepulveda de Zambrano family grows Castillo, Caturra and Colombia Coffee varieties, as well as Yucca and Plantains.